What is The Wonderland Rules?

The Wonderland Rules began as a rhetoric blog in which I humorously deconstructed bad long-form woke takes. I quickly realized I’d get bored if all I did was make fun of ideologically slanted news articles, so I started writing about my other interests as well; autism, men's issues, cognitive neuroscience/practical psychology, and memoir.

It has since sprouted sections dedicated to an episodic Tarantino-flavored horror novel I write weekly a la Dickens (free) and social skills and men's issues (for paid subscribers).

When does new content get posted?

I post three times a week. Sunday is Dance Class (for paid subscribers), Wednesday is The God of Death and Second Chances, and Friday is my weekly “Rollins's Review,” where I post five or six of my favorite Substack posts that other authors released that week. I post personal stuff about myself, too, (which can be found in A Day In The Life) when the mood strikes me, but my update schedule is pretty heavy already, and I do have a day job, so that's irregular and less frequent.

Is your name really “Jay Rollins?”

Kinda. “Jay Rollins” is a pseudonym, but it's more of a “Mark Twain” pseud than it is a “Primary Colors by Anonymous” pseud. My friends call me Jay IRL, for example, or just Rollins.

(And yes, my last name is an homage to Henry Rollins.)

Who are you? Like, what's your deal?

I’m a mildly ASD social dynamics nerd from the BosWash corridor. I've worked as a literary editor for a little over a decade.

Politically, I lean vaguely libertarian conservative, but my objections to wokeness stem mostly from the fact that the shift towards quasi-religious social justice politics on the political left literally makes my job difficult; they keep changing the dictionary and all of my editorial style guides.

Those that believe

words are violent

are the same ones

who’ll cut off

your tongue

to keep you silent

—Sherman Alexie

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